Urns and Monuments

Making these final vessels and monuments is a solemn honor indeed. When the spirit of a loved one can be evoked in the form and materials of an urn or monument, it is as much a celebration as it is a memorial. Great care is given to aligning the choice of materials with the personal belief systems of those being celebrated.



An altar in its simplest form is a table where a meal is served, or where a book is read, however holy. We can design temporary altars for weddings and other single use ceremonies as well as permanent structures for sanctuaries and chapels. Multi-faith altars like the one pictured can be set within different seating configurations to meet the particular needs of the congregation.



An ark acts as both container and protector of the Torah scroll inside. When the ark is open and its light is on, any room that houses it becomes a synagogue. An ark can be as simple and humble, or as ornate and celebratory as the congregation requires. Here the olive tree motif on the exterior, hints at the rich and precious tree of life that lives inside.