Valentines Day should be a rare day set aside to confess and re-confess love. It is not just a “Hallmark Holiday” to sell cards as a curmudgeon once disparagingly referred to it. There are countless ways to say “I love you” to your special person. We aim to see how many variations we can find. No challenge is too big in our quest to do so!


Proposal Objects

A friend once called making elaborate proposal objects an exercise in risk management. Asking someone to commit to you is a big moment, not without fear and worry. So why not house a ring, or simply the question itself in a container worthy of the proposal, and the loyalty it promises? 


Anniversary Gifts

Lets face it, relationships which stand the test of time should be celebrated! Mark your anniversaries with an object that reflects the character and tone of the years you have spent together, or just this particular year. You might find that these markers add up to a condensed history of your time together.